Guidelines for Boundaries and Sexuality

Mandala Dance Boundaries and Sexuality Policy

At Mandala Dance we strive to create a safe and sacred environment where all participants are able to trust they can express themselves without facing judgement.  We ask everyone to take responsibility for their own experience, to honor their own individual needs and boundaries, while respecting others’ personal space and needs.  When sexual energy arises, we request that you channel it into the dance, music, creative expression and meditation rather than into arousing intimate sexual exchanges.  Our creative sexual energy is a gift of vital life force that strongly affects ourselves, environments and others. Expression arising out of this energy is most beneficial when done with care and consciousness for the well being of all.  


If you have any questions, or need support arising out of anything happening in the context of Mandala Dance, please speak with one of our designated safety team members, or a member of our Core Group.   


Thank you for honoring yourself and all others in the sacred space that we co-create together.