Guidelines For Children

Please discuss with your child what maintaining sacred space means before entering the Mandala Dance space. This will help us in making sure to maintain sacred space once it is created. Perhaps letting them know if they need a break and need to have a conversation, that you can both go down stairs.

Please be respectful of others within the sacred space. Some may be meditating, praying or working on art prayers.

Please be with your child and guide your child 100% of the time, this includes being downstairs in the break room area and cleaning up after your child. We do not want to have to track down parents during the middle of Mandala.

Please respect and teach that the sand art mandala is a place of sacred prayer through art and that the art materials are to be used as sacred tools. We’ve had issues lately where this has turned into a “sand box” kind of toy and that is not the intention of our Mandala, and it leaves no room for others to create their own prayers throughout the night. Once you create your art prayer, please move away from the Mandala so that others may have a turn.

We’ve asked that no running wildly through the dance crowd, which can be dangerous to both dancers and smaller children who can’t be seen.

Please be aware of your surroundings where safety is concerned. Down stairs candles are sometimes lit. Wood stoves, staircases, electrical cords and such, can make for dangerous situations and we have been asked to have a talk with parents on safety concerns.

When asked for moment of silence, please make sure your child knows how to maintain silence, or please leave the room so we can maintain focus.

Please note that our Mandala core group maintains the right to ask you to take your child out of the space.

We appreciate your support in helping to make Mandala a sacred and safe space to be in.

Please leave suggestions for us if you will at